We love our unique diverse customers. Sinners, saints, punks, mods, goths, groovey guys and girls all are welcome here at Sin Is Pretty! We search far and wide to bring you talismanic affectations unordinary and insane. Our vintage clothing ranges from the splendor of the Victorian era to the 1990s. We carry new and retro as well.

I have been buying, selling, and wearing vintage clothing and collected items of the unordinary for 20 years. Our storefront nestled in the heart of beautiful Laguna Beach CA has since moved. We are now available online or by appointment. We do BUY your vintage and designer clothing as well as oddities/curios. Please feel free to contact us accordingly.

Please note all sales are final we do not exceot returns.We check over garments new and used carefully.Please check photos,description and sizing carefully.Thank you!

- Denise Upchurch Leveque